Error while dropping JAVA$CLASS$MD5$TABLE ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

When loading Java stored procedures in Oracle database with the loadjava tool you may encounter the error:

Error while dropping JAVA$CLASS$MD5$TABLE ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

The reason may be that the user had a default tablespace of SYSTEM, loadjava creates a table and I have empty quotas on all users on SYSTEM. Try:

ALTER user test default tablespace users quota unlimited on users;

that changes the users default tablespace and lets them put as much data as they want into it. Now try loadjava again.


Custom per page JavaScript in WordPress

If you need to insert a custom JavaScript snippet on few pages of your blog you will find a plenty of advice on the Internet. I’ve waisted half an hour to try many of them, of course rejecting thise that required manually touching the functions.php file.

The best solution that I found was a plugin called Shortcoder. Basically it allows you to create custom shortcodes. I’ve created one with content – the Javascript that I needed inserted on two pages. Then added this shortcode at the bottom of those pages and voila!


How eBay steal away 299 USD (1ETH) from me

In this story I will share my frustration selling on eBay and how their buyer protection is protecting theft in the cases when you sell digital goods.

I had 1 ETH (ethereum – the crypto currency) and decided to sell it on eBay for $299 USD. For my surprise on the next day after publishing the listing a purchase confirmation arrived and a few minutes later a message from the buyer with his Ethereum wallet account. Below is a copy from my conversation with him:

New message from: lorrieryanmac32012 (519Purple Star)

Me> Thank you,
Transaction hash (TX hash): 0x51af10857d6351b98f9eb057010f0f33f05e15c6f531dd7a5df721ddaa15691d

New message from: lorrieryanmac32012 (519Purple Star)
thank u , I can buy more?

Me> I will notify you when I have more and publish a new sale

New message from: lorrieryanmac32012 (519Purple Star)
Can I just send you funds using PayPal and you send me ETH?

On the next day a my funds in PayPal were made ‘on hold’ and a buyer case was opened by eBay stating that an unauthorized transaction was made from the buyer account. Two weeks later the case was closed, the funds $299 USD returned to the buyer and my 1 ETH gone in the wild.

A few questions arise from this case for me:

  1. How did eBay made sure that the transaction was unauthorized (could it be that the buyer has faked everything, logging from a proxy server).
  2. Why is there no penalty for the buyer that both his eBay and PayPal accounts were exposed ?
  3. Isn’t this a fault in the eBay and PayPal security ?

I think that both eBay and PayPal are going to die slowly…


Uploading keys with Symantec PGP SDK

Symantec offers the SDK used for building their PGP product line for internal use for existing customers. The SDK is written in C++, so I’ve decided to put a short example to demonstrate how to upload a key to to

Here is a simple routine for this purpose:


EXPORT_FN PGPError WINAPI Upload(const char* server_url, const char* public_key)
PGPError rv;

CInitSDK init_sdk(0);
CInitNetworkLib init_network_lib(kPGPFlags_ForceLocalExecution | kPGPFlags_SuppressCacheThread);
CInitKeyServer init_key_server;

CContext context;
rv = PGPNewContext(kPGPsdkAPIVersion, &context);
CHECK_RETURN(0 == rv, rv, "Cannot create PGP context");

CFileSpec fs;
rv = PGPNewFileSpecFromFullPath(context, public_key, &fs);
CHECK_RETURN(0 == rv, rv, "Cannot create local file spec for ", public_key);

CKeyDB key_db;
rv = PGPImport(context, &key_db, PGPOInputFile(context, fs), PGPOLastOption(context));
CHECK_RETURN(0 == rv, rv, "Cannot create public keydb for ", public_key);

CKeySet key_set;
rv = PGPNewKeySet(key_db, &key_set);
CHECK_RETURN(0 == rv, rv, "Cannot create key set for ", public_key);

PGPUInt32 count = 0;
rv = PGPCountKeys(key_set, &count);
CHECK_RETURN(0 == rv, rv, "Cannot get key count for ", public_key);
CHECK_RETURN(0 != count, rv, "File contains no keys ", public_key);

CKeyServer key_server;
rv = PGPNewKeyServer(context, kPGPKeyServerClass_PGP, &key_server,
PGPONetHostName(context, server_url, 389),
PGPOKeyServerProtocol(context, kPGPKeyServerProtocol_LDAP),
PGPOKeyServerAccessType(context, kPGPKeyServerAccessType_Normal),
CHECK_RETURN(0 == rv, rv, "Cannot create key server for ", server_url);

rv = PGPSetKeyServerEventHandler (key_server, OnEvent, nullptr);
CHECK_RETURN(0 == rv, rv, "Cannot set server callback");

rv = PGPKeyServerOpen(key_server, nullptr);
CHECK_RETURN(0 == rv, rv, "Cannot open keyserver ", server_url);

CKeySet fail;
rv = PGPUploadToKeyServer(key_server, key_set, &fail);
CHECK_RETURN(0 == rv, rv, "Cannot upload to keyserver ", server_url);

rv = PGPCountKeys(fail, &count);
CHECK_RETURN(0 == rv, rv, "Cannot get key count for failed uploaded keys");
CHECK_RETURN(0 == count, -1, "No keys were uploaded");

return rv;

Drop me a line if you want me to send you the source of the Windows DLL that I’ve made for this purpose.

UTL_FILE skip new line correction

Working on a contract project where sensitive data had to be PGP encrypted inside an Oracle database and stored outside the database I met a strange obstacle that lost me half a day to resolve. The PL/SQL package UTL_FILE was producing extra new lines in addition to those in the pgp file.

A sample ASCII armored OpenPGP encrypted message looks like this:

Version: Didisoft OpenPGP Library for Java 3.1


Unfortunately UTL_FILE adds extra new line characters ant it becomes like this:


Version: Didisoft OpenPGP Library for Java 3.1



I was really frustrated and read everywhere on the Internet, on Ask Tom everyone is complaining that UTL_FILE.PUT_LINE doesn’t add new lines, but nothing for my case. At last I found a man who has resolved it. The problem is that when we open a file with mode ‘w‘ it is in text mode, where this additional new lines are added. So in order to write a pgp message as is we shall use ‘wb’ for binary mode

l_file := UTL_FILE.fopen(folder,file_name,'wb'); -- very important to use binary mode

What a day!

Warcraft The super beginning

After leaving the 3D cinema and the Warcraft movie I was still in some kind of story.

Later at home I read the Wiki article for the film and was amazed at the low rating in USA and extremely frustrated by the opinion of the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. Probably those reviews were also made by americanos. I’ve tried to compare the movie with anything similar, but frankly in vain. Nor Star Wars The force awakening nor the Lord of The Rings could compare with it. This is is really something amazing must to be seen.

I will be waiting the next episode…

Create a Chm help file for your PowerShell cmldets

Developing PowerShell cmdlets with C# is fun. But if we want to share our tools with others we need eventually some kind of documentation (Yeah, I know that they can look into the source code, I’ve heard this thousand times).

PowerShell man page

The first step of documenting our Cmdlets is to write the proper comments in our source code. For example to document the command class we shall type something like:

/// <summary>
/// <para type="synopsis">
/// Creates a new DH/DSS asymmeric cipher
/// </para>
/// <para type="description">
/// Creates a new DH/DSS asymmeric cipher
/// </para>
/// <para type="link" uri="">Online Tutorial</para>
/// </summary>
/// <example>
/// <code>New-KeyDhDss -Length 2048 -Name "Richard Koosh" -Password "my key pass" -Output c:\my.key</code>
/// </example>

The next step is to produce an XML Help file that shall be named OurDll.dll-Help.xml and reside in the same folder as the Cmdlets dll. To produce such Help file we can use the XmlDoc2CmdletDoc tool kindly provided by RedGate.

Now we can see the manual page for our Cmldets in the power shell console by typing

Get-Help New-KeyEcc

CHM help file

But what if we would also like to have a CHM help file? The only tool that I’ve found was the Compile-Help.ps1 script. Unfortunately it is very hard coded and needs extra work to customize the result .chm file. But if you spe an hour you will manage to make it suitable for your needs.

Thomb Rider and my daily work

Looking at the screencasts of The rise of Thomb Rider I’m impressed to an extent that I have the feeling that I’m watching a real movie. rise-of-the-tomb-raider-community-challenge

This is really amazing work, and the guys who did the game are some kind of computer gods. On the contrary on my day to day work I’e always had to do casual CRUD apps, from old Borland Delphi sixteen years ago, through VB6/VB.NET and Java EJB/Spring/Hibernate spagethi like things – the same old song with a new voice.

This is really sad and makes me think that there is something wrong with the whole thing. You see – people fly to Mars and me (you) still dig rocks in the mine.

Silver support plan for Google Cloud Platform

I was struck in a custom situation using the Google Cloud Platform APIs and as a poor man my support level was Bronze (free of course). I had no other choice than ordering the expensive Silver support plan where a human being would answer me in a timely fashion, instead of the bots that I think are hooked on the Bronze plan support forums.

Anyway, $150 bucks are a lot of money to me, but I had to part with them.

The support representative who was answering via email was polite, but of course didn’t gave me the needed technical answer as expected. My problem was bridged between Google Cloud Platform and Chrome and although both origin from the same company they always wash hands when Google Chrome is involved (I have tried this year ago asking Adwords support by showing them the problem in Chrome appearing after clicking my add). But being smart enough I figured out between the lines the solution.

Today I was happily surprised when I was that instead of paying $150 I spent only $15 – for the three days when the Silver Support plan was active (after “inventing” the solution I switched back to Bronze of course – remember: the poor man mindset:)